Getting Started

Please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using any of Charhub AI’s services.

What is Charhub AI? is a platform that allows you to create, share, and chat with any character through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Charhub is uncensored. We do not restrict the type of interactions you can have with the characters and place faith in our users to make informed decisions about the type of content they choose to create and engage with on our website.

Charhub is free. Access to our chat or image generation will never be gated behind any payment methods.

Charhub is private. Your data will never be shared or sold. AI responses are generated directly within our servers, ensuring your messages are never sent to a 3rd-party. If you delete something, it’s deleted from our database, forever. We cannot recover any piece of content you choose to delete.

To register for an account

  1. Navigate to the sign up page:
  2. Enter your email. Your email is not shared with anyone. Email is only used for resetting your password and to prevent creation of accounts by spam bots or human spammers.
  3. Enter your username. Your username is public and is used to represent your interactions with content from other users.
  4. Create a strong & unique password.

Once your account is registered, you are able to create your first character or start chatting with an existing character.