Chatting Basics

Once you’ve created or selected a character to chat with, click on their character card to begin a conversation with them.

Greeting Message

Every character initiates a conversation with their greeting message. If the creator of the character has set alternate greetings, you will see a “>” arrow next to the message. Clicking on this arrow allows you to cycle through alternate greetings.

Responding to a message

In order to respond to a message, type a message in the chatbox and press “Enter” or click “Send”. The character will read and respond to your message automatically.

Message Functions

Charhub provides several functions which enable you to change the responses of characters if you do not like them or simply wish to see another one.

  • Regenerate - This regenerates the character’s message automatically.
  • Edit - This allows you to make changes to a message by hand.
  • Delete - This deletes the character’s message.


By default, the characters view you as your public username. If you’d like your characters to call you by a different name, you can use the Persona feature.

Creating a persona

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click on “+ New Persona”
  4. Set a name for your Persona, this is the name that your characters will view you as.
  5. (Optional) Think of a short description for your persona.
  6. Use slider to set “Set as active persona” to true.
  7. Characters will utilize your active persona when interacting with you.

Continuing the conversation

Send “/continue” (without quotation marks) in order to prompt the character to send another response.

Public Chats

You may optionally share a conversation you had by clicking on the 3 dots next to the conversation name and clicking “Make Public”.

Warning: Anyone with the link to the chat will be able to view the chat once it is public!

To set a public chat back to private, within the same conversation, click on the 3 dots again and click “Make Private”.